Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Getting inside the head of a non-human creature has been one of the tasks of poets since....well, I don't know since when....

This is yet another attempt. 


Without me, Boss would be at a loss.
I dob in robbers bobbing their heads over the fence.
I stop plotters lobbing bombs on the grass.
Fob me not off, ignore my woof not!
I bark and blot out the wobbling hand,
The desire to mollycoddle – I’m a dog,
For God’s sake!  I have no problems
With collywobbles but give me strong,
Solid assurance I’ve done a good job.
Double ‘good dog, good dog’ for my
Trouble.  I have no foibles needing
Avoiding, nor rubble in the bowels
Of my cranium needing psychology:
I’m biologically

The statue in the photo is in Budapest - the dog might be after the chicken under the boy's arm, rather than the boy!   Photo by gimboland.