Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two recent haiku

This blog has been out of action for some time, since the subject matter is no longer top of the pile.   So I thought I might utilise it for the odd poem I write...

If you search for #haiku on Twitter, you'll not only come up instantly with a heap of haiku of all shapes and sizes, but even while you're beginning to read those on the screen, another twenty to forty tweets will appear with more haikus in them (if haiku can be pluralised like that....) 

It's a simple form that everyone and his/her brother/sister has a go at.  Including yours truly...

Cooking silverbeet soup
last year's crop
stalks of gold, red, yellow, green.                                           23.9.11

curly-headed blonde toddler –
mysteries of genes –
straight-haired ginger-coloured dad                                       28.9.11

At the moment I'm trying to get the hang of the form itself, in its best-known arrangement.