Sunday, December 11, 2011

A failure of the imagination

When it comes to evolution, I seem to have a failure of the imagination.   I just can't conceive how certain things could have done without certain other things, in the evolution 'process'.   The world seems so full of synchronicity that to imagine A without B just makes my head ache.   Hence the poem below, which hopefully won't be too below the belt for most readers....

I so so
So wanna believe in evolution,
but since no one can decide
which arrived first, the
chicken or the egg,
and since the eye has been
discredited as a possible
explanation for design,
being so cleverly designed that
only Evolution with a capital
E could have randomly come
up with it, then I have to con-
clude that when I ask how did the
penis manage to evolve without
the vagina, or the vagina without the
penis, that I’m just a no-hoper on the
scientific front, though not so much of a
no-hoper on the full frontal front.

But boastingly I digress;
what I’m trying to suggest is
that it’s a puzzle how the vagina
decided that it would arrive on the
scene just as the penis came into
prominence – as it were.  Or was
there a penis hanging around
(again I use the language somewhat
loosely) knowing in its own random,
evolutionary way, that there would be a
vagina slinking around in the bushes
somewhere, just kind of thinking,
(randomly, evolutionarily) that a
penis might be close by, and