Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Collage Poem

In the past I've written found or collage poems, with varying degrees of success.  However, it occurred to me that Twitter provides a fruitful place for picking up interesting 'found' lines (rather like the abbreviated messages on postcards).  The following is one possibility formed in couplets that may or may not have connections.  And thanks to all the Twitters who inadvertently gave me lines to work with...I've acknowledged those I could retrace below. 

Twitter Collage Poem

He gets to the sandwiches at the lock-up first
fruitlessly to find meaning in spilled coffee grounds.

Sing out if you want to spend a bit of time -
in my youth my patience is limited.

Shivers of unendurable glee
brutally encased in formaldehyde.

It ain’t just the Aussies who produce dire pop songs;
feel free to send info on must do’s in Israel.

Off to drink Sangria in the park, then I’m off to the zoo -
they’ve been given an order and are openly insubordinate.

Everybody already has their lines prepared and it’s
these carry me along on a stream of sporadic notes.

Vaguely shaped like a rack of ribs: if I’m not interested in
something anymore then no one else should be interested either.


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