Monday, June 25, 2012

Novelists fear primarily

This 'found' poem started out as an exercise using groups of three words: noun, verb, adjective, in each case.  I played around with another form and then came on the approach I've used here.  The repetitions add to the rhythm and the energy, and even give the piece a hint of drama (!)  The words are in the order as first 'found', though occasional grammar improvements and punctuation have been added.  

Novelists fear primarily
Fear primarily alphabet
Primarily alphabet tests
Alphabet tests private

Tests private media
Private media asks
Media asks, addictive?
Asks addictive?, calm

Addictive; calm suggests
Calm suggests important
Suggests important priority
Important priority manages

Priority manages notice
Manages notice campaign
Notice campaign thinks
Campaign thinks financial

Thinks financial life
Financial life invents
Life invents growing
Invents growing writer

Growing writer speaks
Writer speaks – unruly! -
Speaks, unruly weekend
Unruly weekend source

Weekend source knows
Source knows paragraph
Knows paragraph input
Paragraph input distrust

Input distrusts conference
Distrusts conference easily
Conference easily swollen
Easily swollen novelists. 
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