Sunday, July 01, 2012

Remix Mashup poems

Two 'exercise' poems...making poems using the 'rules' from the 'Remix Mashup' in The Exercise Book, edited by Bill Manhire and others. 


Iamb is a poet’s word -
reminds me of I Am:
a God Word.

I am is a phrase I might duck
even though those who know me would say
‘It’ll be good for you,’
going to the height
going to the moment
going to the desire.

If I AM, that McCahon painterly phrase,
is swapped for poetical iamb,
what enclavier will I introduce into the
waddle and monitor of time?

Field Marshal Edmund Henry Hynman Allenby
introduced an enclavier for T H Lawrence,
helped him find himself the man of the
hour, though Allenby unenjoyed that
introduction, that momenting in time.
Did Lawrence repair Allenby?
Book him into the I-Am-bic mystery?

Typing this I think of Lawrence’s
typewriter – the photo’s onFlickr, that
irritatingly misspelt word. 

That I AM word
misspells me.
Iamb is a poet’s word. Reminds me of I Am.
Iamb looks like lamb.


Crawl, walk, drop.
And spell.

When you tell me you
can’t have an opinion
I tell you that’s
blather.  So jump!

Crawl, walk, drop.
And spell.

No, not spell like in the
dictionary.  I thought you were
Are you barking mad?
Have you an unmercifully
cluttered mind?
Is your brain in the proximity of
your shoes?

Your consciousness of shoes makes you
Slurp and scoot. 
How smart is that?

Crawl, walk, drop.
And spell.
Scoot the hell out of here. 

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