Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The shoe

The end of year busyness caught up on this blog, and it's been semi-abandoned for the last few months.  The busyness meant that poems in the pipeline had to wait to be reviewed and redrafted and so on.  Here's one that's finally made it through the system...

The shoe

Finally -
the shoe that has lain for a 
year on the footpath, has gone,
the shoe that months ago was the
focus of an inquisition of the
boy who had carelessly
left it lying on the asphalt.

The shoe that
caused lying:
I don’t know where it’s
gone!  I didn’t lose it,
it just...vanished.

The shoe that brought
angst to the pocket of the
mother, and angst to the
ear clipped by the father.

The shoe that may or
may not have been
flung over a telephone wire,
that may or may not have
dropped out of a backpack.

The single shoe that was
late for its appointment
with its sole mate, that was
last reported Missing in Action.

The shoe that untimely
caused its mate to pass its

The shoe that while
lying became an
artefact, progressively
hidden beneath the
local trees’ detritus. 

The shoe that lay
believing it was part of the
homeless community,
sleeping out at nights, its
laces trailing beneath its
bedclothes of last week’s
blossoms and some tree’s

The shoe that was
available to the
first one-footed
person of smaller stature
who happened to hop along.

The shoe that was
left behind for any
person who owned a
bereft and mateless single
shoe that was the equivalent
left, or right.

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