Sunday, June 03, 2018

Untitled Sestina

Attempting a complex approach to a sestina, with both the first and last words of each line working through the sestina pattern...there are also two ongoing rhymes...

I light the black wick in the glass;
You carry it calmly to Gray.
He takes the flame outside to pray;
We watch as he kneels on the grass.
‘You people, now hear what I say!’
They listen, and file quietly past. 

They reflect on all that has past -
I saw you reflected in glass,
You came first to hear what we say,
You painted a picture so grey -
We spread out the lunch on the grass -
He, meanwhile, continues to pray.

He spreads out his long arms to pray.
They consider all that’s gone past;
We eat from the spread on the grass,
I pour out the wine in your glass,
You notice the sky’s glooming grey;
You have almost nothing to say:

You never have too much to say,
He asks why it is you don’t pray,
You glance up quite quickly at Gray;
They glanced at we three and then passed.
I drank all the wine in my glass;
We stained both our skirts on the grass.

We shake all the crumbs on the grass,
You cry out, accuse me, you say
‘I saw you reflected in glass!’
He closes eyes, focuses, prays;
They wheel down the drive and go past
You pick out a hair that’s gone gray.

You find that more have gone gray.
We pick up the cloth from the grass;
They tumble on down through the past;
You now have so much more to say,
He sobs and we can’t hear him pray,
I smash on the ground the fine glass.

You brush away Gray and you say
We hate the grass, why does he pray?
They shatter past; I shatter glass.                                            3.8.12

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