Friday, August 03, 2012

Evernote Collage 2

It's intrigued me for a while how putting two unrelated lines together can result in there seeming to be something more behind the words than their original meaning.  In the light of this, I've just edited (rather than written) a number of lines extracted from various articles on my Evernote file.  The editing aspect consisted of picking up the various lines in the first place, sorting them into some sort of order, and (occasionally) making them run a little more smoothly.  Other than that, each line (not each couplet) is as it was in the original article.  Each line now joins another to form - well, you can decide what they form....and do all the lines running together form a whole?

Evernote Collage 2*

Your face has become deranged trying to adjust,
you may not falsify your contact information

women are so distracted by their competitive sparring -
without that belief the world doesn't make sense

with the faintly wary, studied self-control of a hard man,
we have four churches in considerable strife

using a combination of both types of system
they can be accessed securely when you’re offline

their reputations seem unharmed, thanks to friends in high places
taking the taproot history of the period seriously

so perhaps there is no first encounter:
so much for being the party of grass-roots activism

sleeping well doesn't always lead to your best work:
she feels it undercuts the line about parents being kidnapped

planting their brand in the ever-expanding suburbs
people love seeing their words repeated and passed on

a passionate memoir of colonial India:
my father and I were separated from the time I was three

a link between Christian sacrifice and the wrestler’s endurance -
keep your eye on this one!

I have also assisted a number of blind and visually impaired persons -
if anybody knows the original document in which he said this

handguns are forbidden absolutely -
he knows to whom he is speaking

I felt I was being showered by light - some golden, overpowering light:
the faster-than-light drama is far from over

far above, the slack dry sponges
expose the impact of discrimination on Muslims

being neither conservative or anarchist,
blacklist certain words or ban offensive users.

*The previous collage of Evernote lines appears on this blog under the title Zen Poem.

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