Sunday, April 07, 2013

Good Old Judas

Good Old Judas

Hiving off in the middle of supper
Barely noticed, like a minor player
Creeping along the back of the stage,
Drawing the attention of only the most
Observant members of the audience.

Looking back the disciples should have seen the signs,
But they were already having their world
Turned upside down by most of what Jesus said. 
Keeping an eye on the odd behaviour of
Number Twelve was low on the agenda.

And then he turns up in the garden –
Good old Judas! – leading a rabble,
Soldiers, servants, a few ruffians
In for the fun, and, as if to
Show he’s AOK, he gives that
Famous kiss, and sends two lives
On the road to destruction.

The disciples had been suspicious of
Him pilfering the purse. They noted his
Antagonism to a particular Mary. So they
Shouldn’t have been surprised to
Hear a bit of jingling in his pocket, except that
There was rather more jingling than they might have

None of them saw him again.  He
Went off with the rest of the crowd,
Turned his coat completely inside out and
Lost the point of all his Master said. 
Good old Judas:
Burnt his boats, lost the plot,
Took a rope and wound up dead.

First draft written while on holiday in Moeraki January, 2004 - previously published on Authspot
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