Sunday, April 07, 2013

Romance for Celia

Romance for Celia
I want to put large scented roses in your hair,
and cover you with petals,
so you smell sweeter than a
garden in the high summer.

I want to cover you with oil of aloes
and lay you in a bed of sweet-smelling pine,
a large fluffy blanket protecting you
from the pine needles beneath.

I want to stroll with you through large gardens,
along paths where flowers invade the stones
and bees are happy gathering nectar
and flying to their hives,
where butterflies of unimaginable colours
wink and glitter in the sun.

I want to sit under the umbrella shade
of a pink and white blossoming tree,
with a picnic hamper spread before us
full of luscious strawberries and boysenberries,
and cool drinks of orange and lemon,
and lean against you
and you against me
and be content with each other's company.

Written in April 2006, previously published on Authspot.
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