Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mary MacKillop

The two Mary MacKillop books are going to the Mary McKillop Centre at St Joseph's, Temuka, where Mary MacKillop once worked. MacKillop, for those who don't know about her, is Australia's first canonized saint in the Roman Catholic Church.

It turns out that Temuka was the first NZ foundation of the Sisters of St Joseph.
Three Sisters arrived in Temuka from Australia on 1 November 1883 at the request of the parish priest, Father Fauvel.
Mary MacKillop, who was the Foundress of the Sisters of St Joseph, lived here on several occasions between 1897-1904.
St Joseph's also has a small Museum Room where Reminders of the past are displayed.

Temuka has another claim to fame: it's the place where Temuka Pottery is made. (Apparently it's now advertised as Temuka Homeware.) This pottery is amongst the best-known pottery in New Zealand, and many people would have some of it in their kitchens.

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