Monday, March 03, 2008

Setting up Shelves

I've shifted in four sets of bookshelves tonight, so haven't much time to do anything else except wrap up some books sold on Trade Me, get some of the stuff off the floor where it's been lying waiting until the shelves came, and then writing on this blog.
One of the time-consuming parts of selling online is the wrapping up and making sure the addresses are correct and so forth. I used to run a bookstore which was run in conjunction with a secondhand shop. Someone else owned the secondhand part, and I remember him telling me early on that with Trade Me it was the writing up and photographing the books and the wrapping up that took up so much time. I guess in terms of running a bookshop it wasn't all that time-consuming, but when you're doing it on top of running a bookshop it does take its time, or when you're working at another job entirely and then have to do it all in the evenings, along with umpteen other things...
Anyway, another book gone today, One of Ben's, by NZ writer, Maurice Shadbolt. Not sure how long I've had this in my stock, but it feels like a while. The accounting system I use, MYOB, doesn't seem to indicate when a book first came into the 'shop.' Maybe I'll have to see if there's some way of keeping track of that.
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