Saturday, March 15, 2008


It’s been a bit of a sluggish week on all of the auction sites. Today I had two sales, the first in four or five days. And both of the books were ones I’m selling on behalf of a Christian Bookshop that deals in secondhand titles. We worked hand in hand a lot when I managed the bookshop, and we came to an agreement after I began selling books on Trade Me that I’d put a number of his books online, and we’d split the profits. Neither of us make much out of it, but at least he gets something, and so do I.
One of the books is an out of the way title called Monarchy in Hawaii. I thought it would never sell, but someone’s decided it’s for them. The other one is a book of NZ poetry – again something that doesn’t go too easily.
I used to say, if you wait long enough, there's a customer for every book. Sometimes the waiting can be a bit too long!
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