Saturday, March 01, 2008

Restarting the Blog

This blog had a second life early last year as a place to advertise books I was selling. However, I've revamping things, so the old posts will no longer be available on here.
What will be happening here will be information about books I've sold or am currently selling on Trade Me (New Zealand's biggest online auction site) and Alibris (in the US). I may even advertise certain books on here as time permits.
There'll be anecodotal material too, and stories about how I came to acquire certain titles.

In the meantime, the books that have been sold on Trade Me in the last two days are:
Faye Kellerman's Serpent's Tooth
Silver Fountains, by Beverley Hughesdon
An Extraordinary Australian: Mary MacKillop, by Paul Gardiner, SJ. (It looks as though the other book on Mary MacKillop that's due to expire on Trade Me tonight will also be sold to the same bidder.)
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