Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Quiet couple of days on the selling front, but that's been just as well, as I've had to get the shelves in order. Finding books I'd forgotten about, and ones that I advertised when I first started on Trade Me, and which haven't ever sold. Between packing the shelves, I'm putting the odd book on one or other of the auction sites. I'm aiming to get a large number listed, so that there's plenty of choice...
Zillion has made a positive move, meantime, informing us that they're going back to offering gallery listings free, as they used to do. That's good. And there's no restriction with them as to how many items you can list before you start getting charged extra fees, something that I think is a bit sniffy on Trade Me's part.
Still you go with what you can get.
I've only ever sold one book on Alibris - a schoolboy yarn (with cricketers on the cover) called Leave it to Rags, that I found at my favourite recycling store. It went on its way to the States on the 30th Jan this year, and there's still no sign of payment. Guess that's the sort of thing it is with a firm that only pays by cheque (good grief!). An online firm that pays by cheque. Seems antiquated, doesn't it? (I've just checked the site, and found, as you'd expect, that there's a place where you can see the state of play with payments. Mine was paid out on the 29th Feb. That's more promising!)
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